What to expect when you see a Cognitive Hypnotherapist

  • A full history of your problem will be taken. With complex conditions this may require the entire time allocated to the first session (up to 1½ hours)
  • Hypnosis will be explained to you in full – what it is and what it is not. There are often many inaccurate preconceived ideas; for example you will not be saying or doing anything against your will or disappearing down a black hole with no awareness.
  • The interventions that we use in Cognitive Hypnotherapy sometimes require no more than a light, natural trance in order that you can fully engage with the process. Many are fun to do and you will be carefully guided at all times.
  • Sessions are often confidentially recorded (with your permission) which we use to create a download that is supplied after your first session, which you can listen to at will. This will support the work done in each session.
  • Follow up sessions last around an hour and begin with a review and assessment of progress. There are many techniques and interventions that are available in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and no two clients are treated the same.
  • We will constantly provide ideas and tasks for you to support your progress and to be fully involved in solving your problems.