“Just before Christmas 2009, my son accidentally stepped on my neck whilst climbing out of bed (he was 2 at the time). From that point, I began to get pains in my shoulder and neck, which resulted in headaches. The pain was often so great that I couldn’t sleep. I visited my GP who said that I was suffering from nerve damage. I was given a physio appointment but it was 4 months away and I couldn’t bear the pain. The pain was having such a profound impact on my life. I was impatient and very snappy, in part due to the lack of sleep, but also because the constant pain was so draining. I was finding it hard to cope with a new baby and a toddler, time which I should have been cherishing, and I was taking my frustrations out on those closest to met. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended Widney Health, and suggested I see the Osteopath there. I was a little apprehensive. I had never had treatment outside of that which was advised by my GP, and there would be costs associated as this was a private process, but I decided to try it and see. I meet Tom Munden, the osteopath at Widney Health. His approach made me feel at ease, and he was ready to listen to my reservations, thoughts and concerns. He made me feel comfortable and reassured me that it was possible for his techniques to ease my neck pain, and he was realistic about the length of treatment and possible success. At this stage I was still not convinced, and I had already decided that if this treatment did not work for me, I wasn’t prepared to continue.  Amazingly after the first session I felt better. I really couldn’t believe that I could feel different, and I was pain free for the first time in weeks. I was less moody and able to cope better with the demands of family life, however I did need a course of treatments as slowly the pain would return. With each treatment, the length of time I was pain free increased. It is now November, and I haven’t needed a session with Tom since May. Thank you Tom. I never understood what impact being in pain could have on someone’s life until this incident. I am glad that I am not suffering any more, because my life was a struggle. I do know that if ever my back, shoulders, neck or anything else aches, my first point of call will be Tom. I would also recommend Tom to others, without any hesitation. One last point is that the staff at Widney Health are also so very welcoming, which really makes you feel at ease. Thank you again for restoring me back to health!”

Mrs Jatinder Matharu


“I visited Widney Health on the recommendation of a friend. I contacted the team and was treated by Tom Munden for back pain that I have experienced for many years. Following a series of treatments by Tom I have seen a considerable improvement which has made a massive difference to my life, especially in my work environment where I spend considerable time sat at a desk using a computer.
I would highly recommend anyone suffering from similar conditions to visit Widney Health and hope that all who do see the same results that I have.”

Mr RH, Warwick


“I had a long running back problem, which many people had tried to fix. Tom, through gentle manipulation has got it back to a condition I last saw 10 years ago with near full mobility. It now needs just a little regular ‘servicing’ maybe once or twice a year”

Robert Freeman, Director Eagle Europe


“Tom has treated all of the family at one time or another and as always improves all our aches and pains. He also advises us on how best to look after ourselves with helpful tips on supplements etc. He is always so upbeat and helpful. We have no hesitation in recommending Tom.”

Mrs Eve  Harvey, Executive HR Director


“Tom treated Daisy and he was great. The treatment was successful and well worth the money.”

Joanne Bright


“Tom’s approachable and friendly practice is high on expertise and he enjoys an outstanding local reputation. He has used his experience to help me bounce back and running again – consistently delivering these instant results whenever I have attended his practice. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to others.”

Derek Capelin, Managing Director, Capelin Financial Management


“Tom has treated me for nearly fifteen years. He is simply the best osteopath I have ever known. I first met him when I was in agony with back pain – within forty minutes my pain was reduced by half. Within two treatments it had gone all together. I see him regularly and he keeps my back in good shape. I have recommended him to many of my patients as well as friends and family.  His practice at Widney Heath is beautifully appointed and his team of fellow practitioners and support staff are great.”

Nicholas Lee, Financial Adviser


“Just to update you following my treatment 2 weeks ago. Basically, within 24 hours, my back was fine and I have played golf several times since without any problems (at least no back-related problems!) So thank you for your expert help and I shall be recommending you to others when the opportunity arises.”

Mr Tim Wetton, Director


“Tom is a first class osteopath that I like and trust. I first met him on the eve of my wedding having injured my back moving a packing case a few days before. His treatment was both gentle and effective and I was able to walk down the aisle the next day!

Since then I have seen Tom regularly and he has eased long term neck and shoulder pain as well as keeping my back pain free.  He runs a professional but friendly practice and is an excellent practitioner. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Mrs Wendy Lee


“My treatments from Tom Munden over the last 10+ years have ensured that my back has been virtually pain free since my teenage years (I am currently 51). My first visit to Tom will always remain in my memory as I was in so much pain I could not believe that any treatment was possible to eradicate my agony. I could not sit down in the reception, how I lay on the couch is still a mystery, the pain was always at its least when I was upright. My thoughts whilst lying on the couch were “ how would I get upright again?” Perhaps Tom had some miracle cure; no he didn’t, but what he did do over the next few weeks was in my mind equitable to a miracle. As my treatments progressed mobility returned, pain diminished and my admiration and gratitude to Tom for his expertise in this branch of medical science will always be appreciated. I now have 3 to 4 monthly check-ups to ensure that everything is ‘in the right place’, my back has never been in such good hands.
During my ‘check-up’ this morning I mentioned to Tom that it would be difficult for me to write a testimonial without it sounding corny and a little bit like a person who professes to have been cured by a ‘miracle preacher’. I cannot speak highly enough about the treatment that I have received: members of my family have also benefited from osteopathy treatments and have the same opinions.

Mrs Sandra McDonagh